nike dunk low pro SB Pigeon NYC staple design

nike dunk low pro SB Pigeon NYC staple design
Item# 304292-011

Product Description

Part of the legendary city series, release exclusively in New York City. Limited to 150 pairs worldwide. According to Solepedia, a riot broke out at one location on the release date of this shoe. When the cops cleared the area and the smoke settled there were litters of knives and baseball bats left on the ground. The people who actually got to purchase a pair were immediately escorted to a taxi to go straight home for safety reasons. One of the rarest silver box SB releases.

Color: medium grey/white-dark grey

Production year: 2003

Condition: brand new

Comes with original box, extra laces, tissue paper.

Remark: The pair of dunk SB has to be purchased together with the other 3 pairs of white dunk SB city series: Paris, London, Tokyo. Please check our nike skateboarding or ultimate rarity section for more information.